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World Records

The Fastest Conveyor Belt

The fastest conveyor belts worldwide run at a speed of 15 m/s. They are operating on the biggest spreaders on earth at the lignite mines of RWE in Germany.s Like all major conveyor belts, these 2,800 mm wide St 2500 conveyor belts are equipped with the PHOENOTEC® protection system.

The First Self-Extinguishing Steel-Cord Conveyor Belt

In 1975 Phoenix supplied 3,000 m (9,800 ft) of PHOENOCORD® St 4000 to a German underground coal mine. It was the first conveyor belt to meet the highest safety requirements for underground applications worldwide.

The Heaviest Conveyor Belt

For the highest mine on earth at an elevation of almost 5,000 m (16,000 ft), 17,000 m (57,000 ft) of a PHOENOCORD® St 6300 were supplied to the Collahuasi mine complex in the Chilean Andes.

In order to reduce the number of field splices, the single lengths were shipped on oval reels, having a weight of 58 tons. Such big single belt pieces have never been made before. The reel dimensions are: 5.2 m (204 in) long, 4.3 m (169 in) high and 2.3 m (91 in) wide. Thanks to this special packing method, 415 m (1,360 ft) of this big St 6300 fit on one roll.

The Highest Capacity Conveyor Belt

The highest capacity conveyor belts on earth carry up to 40,000 tons per hour. The PHOENOCORD® St 4500 belts are 3,200 mm (126 in) wide and 45 mm (1.3/4 in) thick.

They are installed on the biggest bucket wheel excavators worldwide of Rheinbraun in German lignite mining having a capacity of 240,000 cbm (8.5 million cbft) per day.

The Longest Conveyor Belt

The longest conveyor belt on earth is conveying 1000 t/h of limestone from a mine located in India across the state border to a cement plant in Bangladesh.

The single flight conveyor is 17,000 m long, incorporating 34,500 m of belting. The belt is 800 mm wide, type PHOENOCORD® St 2500.

The Longest Pipe Conveyor Belt

The latest path breaking application is a 16.4 km long belt (8,172 m center distance) for the conveyance of hot clinker from a cement factory to the port on the upper run of the conveyor, and coal and limestone from the port to the factory on the bottom run.

The diameter of the PHOENOPIPE® St 2500 belt is 300 mm. Both belt covers are equipped with PHOENOTEC® cords to achieve the optimum restoring force. The smallest curve radius is 300 m. The path of the PHOENOPIPE® conveyor belt is underneath streets and buildings.

The Steepest Overland Conveyor Belt

5,500 m (18,000 ft) of PHOENOCORD® St 4000 are operating in the Pierina mine in the Andean Cordillera. This belt conveys gold ore at an angle of up to 18. It is the steepest overland conveyor belt worldwide.

The Strongest Conveyor Belt

24,000 m (78,740 ft) of a PHOENOCORD® St 7800 were supplied to the Los Pelambres mine in Chile in 1999. The effective belt breaking strength is 8,500 N/mm (48,500 piw).

It is not only the strongest conveyor belt worldwide but it also has the longest and strongest splices. Aside from the static splice strength which is approximately equal to the belt breaking strength, the dynamic belt breaking strength as per DIN 22110 is 54%.

Belt Type PHOENOCORD® ST 7800
Belt width 1,800 mm
Belt length 12 km + 11 km
Belt weight 140 kg/m
Belt thickness 42.5 mm
Cover thickness 19T/10 mm
Protection system PHOENOTEC®
Rip detection system PHOENOCARE® SLT
Splice monitoring PHOENOCARE® SC
Conveyed material Copper Ore
Quantity 8,700 t/h
Belt speed 6 m/s
Number of splices 77
Difference in Altitude -1,070

The Strongest Underground Conveyor Belt

In 1986 Phoenix supplied the world's strongest conveyor belt for underground use. The slope conveyor belt at Prosper II mine in Germany carries raw coal from 800 meters (2,600 gt) underground to the surface while simultaneously on the bottom run washery refuse is brought back underground.

The belt requirements were for 8,000 meters (24,000 ft) of PHOENOCORD® St 7500 which has an ultimate tensile strength of 8,200 N/mm or 47,000 piw.


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